Tuesday, 23 June 2009

World Food Fair, Birmingham. 21/06/2009

Über Scotch!


  1. hi jack - just noticed this blog and wish I had noticed sooner - it really is wonderful to see a birmingham blog going

    I've been wanting to slip you a comment all night but I was trying to think of how I could type this without it sounding like an attack or some hype thing but this man thought of birmingham fashion blog first bro, been chatting it for years now (i'll let you off though)

    Birminghams got a weird style all to itself, whenever i've been down fancy london i've noticed a lot of people dolled up - a lot of useless layers and accessories, its all most kind of risky to piss about with that too much in birmingham if you're a young man, you can make yourself too much of a target some times if you roll on your own. Last year I would sport bow ties and braces a fair bit but I haven't touched that all year in 2009 and I don't really know what to think of that.

    I don't think you tend to get that showing off in birmz at all, towns all fuctional with something loved and special in each person's outfit - its kind of just as weird to see people i've noticed or picked out as bloggable on here though its cool too, you've taken the photos very well, removing people from reality kind of like what hel looks could do and on the technical side, I like the big photos.

    I don't know if you ever go down erdington but some of the old men dress very well in some very nice suits and I always planned to shoot down there my self

    sik blog

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